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brake booster or master cylinder?

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so today i was driving to work adn basically lost my brakes. i had to pump them up bout three times so i would be able to stop other wise it would go to the floor and take forever to stop. i got home adn filled the brake resivoir back up cause it was almost gone adn it still does it. i am wonderign if it is brake booster or master cylinder. i dont have much experience with brakes so what do you guys think?
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well i just looked at the price for both of them and its just cheaper to replace both of them. so any tips on putting them in would be greatfull. thanks
did you check for leaks everywhere. seen a few steel lines rust out up here. If you don't see any leaks make sure you check the rear wheel cylinders. If it is the booster/master cylinder make sure you bench bleed the master cylinder. just put it in a bench vise fill it up w/ fluid and pump it to get it bled well, then put it on. then you'll have to bleed each wheel.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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