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Braaap everyone

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It's great to be here, long time reader, first time threader. I'm an Okie, born and raised, Go OU! I have a 13' Ram 2500 Crew 4x4. It has been a great truck, but I have had all the issues it looks like everyone else has had. I use my truck as a daily driver, I pull a 15,000lb Toy Hauler, I race cross country (Harescrambles) on my KTM 250xc. I joined to get some more insight from you all about the truck and it's many factory faults. I don't ever plan to sell this truck, unless it's to get a new one! Of course everyone knows how expensive these trucks can be and how dealers like to take advantage of some who don't have the resources to get some past experience. Example: DEF fluid dtc, took into shop, they wanted to charge me almost a thousand dollars to drop the DEF tank, clean it and the lines. I told him he was crazy, that I had a Programmer and it was a bad sensor, he argued it was not the sensor, so I left took it to a different dealer and they changed the sensor and I didn't have a problem again. So it's nice to have friends on your side...

I could ramble for a while on all the issues, but I will save that for some posts
Thanks for letting me join your group

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Welcome to the forum! Lots of good info here.
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