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Bought lift kit with no instructions need help identifying parts pics inside

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Hi, Just bought an older procomp 6" lift kit and I need some help identifying some parts. This is on an 06 3500.

I also need help on where to install these add-a leafs that came with the kit. I've searched high and low on the internet and I haven't yet found anything on these. Most Add a leaf systems only have one centering bolt and these have two.

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did you try contacting pro comp?
Its probably a 6" front 4" rear to keep it level. So 2 inches from the add-a-leaf, and 2 inches from the block. The top bracket in the first picture looks like a track bar drop bracket, and the other two in the first picture might be bump stop drop brackets...?

Im sure the add a leaf is meant to be used with all the factory leafs and fit where their length is in between or matches a factory leaf.
Id honestly have to have it here in front of me to see how everything is layed out... Im having trouble 'seeing' it in my head how the pack would bolt together. The blocks you have in the second picture are throwing me off a little I think. I havnt had a 3rd gen leaf pack apart... Hopefully someone who has had one of the BDS kits can chime in here.

It sounds like you have it right to me, but its possible that your supposed to jut delete the factory bottom overload. Would the ubolts and center pins be right then? Its either that or the center pins arnt long enough...

Wish I could help you out more.
yeah, something aint right. Either the center pins are too short, or the the ubolts are too long that came with the kit. Gonna take someone who is more intimate with the kit then I to figure it out.

Good luck...
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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