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Bought lift kit with no instructions need help identifying parts pics inside

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Hi, Just bought an older procomp 6" lift kit and I need some help identifying some parts. This is on an 06 3500.

I also need help on where to install these add-a leafs that came with the kit. I've searched high and low on the internet and I haven't yet found anything on these. Most Add a leaf systems only have one centering bolt and these have two.

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Yes, but it's been a few days without a response. I can't find this exact kit on their website instructions either. Seller told me it was a 6" lift. But it only has 2" rear blocks and these new leaf springs. The leafs provided are a bit longer than the very bottom leafs in the pack. I swapped out the old bottom one and replaced it with the one from the kit but now the U bolts are way too long. So I don't know if I'm supposed to leave all the OEM leafs intact and add this one or remove one of the factory leafs and add the lift leaf in the same spot.

This kit came with larger front coil springs, shocks, upper and lower arms, steering stabilizer, brake lines, front sway bar, longer sway bar endlinks, new pitman arm, those blocks and adaptors pictured above. The front setup seems like what would come with a 6" lift kit but the rear is questionable. I don't think with this setup (2" rear blocks and this single leaf spring) will be able to lift the rear that much. But who know's, I've come here to learn.
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The very bottom Factory leaf looks Identical to the lift leaf provided in the kit except the lift leaf is about 2" longer. They both have the 3 metal spacing plates as well.

What I tried first is installing them all together. I removed the 3 metal spacers off the factory leaf and added the single leaf without the spacers to the top of the lift leaf. So it went in like this (lift block, 3 spacers, factory leaf, lift leaf then all the rest is set up like factory (overload leafs installed too). With this setup the new ubolts worked fine but the two centering bolts that go up the middle were too short to thread the nuts onto. I believe this is the correct setup and I just need longer bolts to feed up the middle?
Yes when removing the factory bottom overload everything went together fine except the U bolts were too long.

The second time I did it, I removed the bottom factory overload all together and replaced it with the leaf provided. So it went (Block, Lift leaf then all the factory stuff on top including the factory upper overloads) Everything fit and went together nice except the U bolts provided are way too long.
Turns out that the leafs with the kit are OEM Dodge leafs. They have the Chrysler star stamped into them. Don't know what they're off as they are a bit longer than the factory ones. What I did now is install both leafs together and reused two of the three rectangular spacers. So I have (2" Lift block, Factory bottom leaf, Leaf provided with the kit which is a OEM Leaf, Spacer, Three large leafs, Spacer, Upper overload leafs) This way the factory center bolts had enough threads sticking out for the nut to grab and I'm just going to get shorter U bolts.
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