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Boost ???

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Ok so I just go the BD 100 hp VP44 pump installed along with a juice/att, supposed to be a fass 150 but they held back the truck two days and still couldnt get it in. So I am running a new carter for. Fuel is 15psi at idle and I can drop it to 7psi.
My boost would only hit 20psi. So I took it back to the shop and we did a leak down test. Found holes in each of my lower intercooler boots. Replaced those with some spare that he had did the test again and all was well.

Now max boost is 25psi. ??? My truck already had a boost elbow on it when I bought it. So he did no install the one that came with the edge. The ones that come with the edge are they just brass with a hole drilled in them (not an adjustable screw)? Cause that is what he said they come with but it is letting air out at 20 psi so that makes me think that it is stock.

so fuel pressure is borderline no black smoke and egts are fine just lack of boost (25psi max) what could the problem be?
Is it the boost elbow?
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is the elbow cranked in all the way? if so it's possible the W/G is stuck open a little. but if you're not getting much smoke, then i'd lean towards a fuel problem
yeah, trypinching off the W/G and see what you get. but if you're not makin the boost, why no smoke? it seems like the fuel just isn't there, cuz if i opened my W/G to 25 mine would HAZE like crazy, and that was before the injectors. with just the ADR i was hitting 32 psi easily.

it doesn't make sense that you can feel a big difference between 1-5. the BD VP does not add timing correct???
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