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I spent good money on a Juice w/Attitude, mainly for the digiatal gauge display features that the J/A have. Just to find out later, that the Boost Pressure, digital reading only goes up to a max reading of 45. My truck is very capable of reading higher than that.

Why is it after I made the purchase that I find out that the boost reading only goes up to 45. Gary Rogers at Egde said this, another over at the BD forum said this, and my mechanic, he's the one that recommended this unit said the same after the purchase.

Why can't sales be up front with us?

So I will still have to use my X-monitor from BD performace to read higher than 45psi. BD Performance says there digital display will read up to 100 PSI and its way less dollars than the J/A hot unlock?

Is it that difficult for Edge to get the reading to read higher than 45psi?

I absolutly like the Edge products. I had my Edge Comp box for many years before swapping over to the J/A for the digital display and more.

Dazz'd and confused.

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