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boost issues...

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since i did my egr delete i've noticed a drop in boost pressure, i could hit 37 psi before, and now, all i can get 22... and the pressures vary somwhere between .5psi and 1 psi at times... do i have an air leak somewhere? is my turbo going?
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Somewhere on the sticky'd egr delete thread, someone had the same issue. I believe the fix was to use thicker blockoff plates, or to seal the plates better, it was leaking from there. Hope I could help. :beer
i got the kit from keven at K2D... the plates should be right i think? maybe just tighten them down, is there a sealent i could use?
Might could try to get a roll of gasket material from most any auto parts store & making your own gaskets... I keep a roll here for my race-bikes... comes in real handy!

I don't think i'd trust any sort of RTV or anything similar

Then again, not sure why, but I still have an EGR, maybe some of the EGR-deleted folks can chime in on the quick fix
I also noticed this but I still could hit 31 psi so I ordered the kit from kevin and same boost levels but as low as yours are there is something wrong double check everything to make sure there is no leak but sounds like there is
:agree2:Sound's like you have a pretty bad leak!
i'm gonna go through everything tomorrow morning. but it doesn't sound the turbo is going? i have no codes or anything.
You would hear a boost leak with the EGR. I would look to see if you have a leak somewhere. Soapy Water trick might work. If that doesnt show any leaks then maybe your turbo is starting to give up. Also double check all the connections from the EDGE. Most issues do seem to be a poor connection. You could always remove the edge and see if that corrects it.
i don't have the edge on yet, the way my guage bounces makes me think it's an air leak, but i'm not possitive, hope it's not the turbo, those don't appear to be cheap.
check the boot on the boost hose that slips onto the intake horn, you might not have it all the way on and you could be leaking there
check the boot on the boost hose that slips onto the intake horn, you might not have it all the way on and you could be leaking there
yeah, i blew that off right after the install, it was a little out of round, i'm going to go to the stealership or maybe a cummins shop tomorrow and get a new one. anyone know of a cummins dealership in Gillette, WY?
Well that seems like your issue. You should be able to tighten it down to get it to stay.
she's tight now, over 5k on it since it first went, it almost looked out of round, and didn't think much of it till today, i turned up my SC and the boost guage was bouncing, it hadn't done it since i lost the clamp. i fixed it in the dark alongside the road and hadn't had any problems since
found the problem, the line to my guage was cracked right at the elbow off of the intak horn. thanks for the help guys, i guess you should look for the simple stuff first
Just saw the thread, glad you found the source:thumbsup
i'm guessing when i pulled the intake horn iput the hose in bind. i know i hit around 30psi after the delete once, but it was a struggle, and the may have put enough preesure on the line to burst.
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