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Boost fooler

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I have the quadzilla adrenaline and ive heard about these pickups defueling if you go over 22psi of boost. Does the quad have a boost fooler or would I need to buy one?
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It does boost fooling.

Are you seeing your boost go above 22 psi on your ADR?
You should also need a boost elbow to raise your boost.

It does but only because I have the hose to my wastegate plugged lol it wouldnt go above 16 otherwise

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If you see boost above 22 then your boost fooling is working.

Crimping the wastegate hose works, you can also use a boost elbow to control the waste gaste.
Where do I get an elbow and where does it go?

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Thank you very much

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Keep in mind a boost elbow won't give you more boost over the plug you already have. The eblow will just allow you to set the wastegate at a desired PSI
Ya I understand that but I dont like not having a wastegate specially cause ive pinned my 30 psi gauge. And are you sure the quad has boost fooling?

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