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Boost fooler????

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Ok plain and simple what would be the benefits of running one on the truck in my Sig with a edge ez box set on level 3. Better mpg, more usable rpms what need some input guys thanks
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See I was told that to run a boost elbow that id have to run a fooler as well bc my trucks a CR and if I don't ill get an over boost code and send the truck into limp mode
So a $20 adjustable elbow set to ??? Psi on the stock turbo would be best for rpms mpg ect.... I'm not really lookin for anything spectacular just alittle bit more usable rpms, I shift at like 2k much above tht an the truck gets unhappy real quick just dnt sound happy, feels like the gates opened up and it dnt have no balls it seems
Well it'll go all the way up to 3k never pushed past tht, just dnt sound real happy. Rattles gets tin canny sounding in exhaust, but it will go tht high.2k it responds and sounds real good, no rattle deep throaty sound boosts hard
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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