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bluechip ?s

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i have a buddy who wants a blue chip but wants to know if it will with his edge?
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Which Blue Chip box?

I'm 99% sure they are ALL fuel only boxes.

Which Edge?

If its an EZ then yes, If its a Juice or Comp, then yes, but you can't use the wire tap, so basically they will be just like the EZ, but with the various settings those two boxes provide.....

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it just depends on the edge box. there are three diffrent boxes that bluechip makes. the APB, the FMS, and the Redline. the APB makes 110 rear wheel horse diffrence on my truck, with a total of 453 hp to the ground. the FMS makes 20 more hp then the APB but has all of the gauges built into the the box. The redline makes 60 more hp then the FMS but not recomended for the street. The redline takes control of the engines computer. If you get the FMS you can send it back into bluechip and have it upgraded to a redline. good luck man.
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