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Blow By and Nozzles

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I put stage 2 jammer nozzles on about 4k ago.....truck runs great and has alot of power. I didn't have them pop tested. The engine seems to have more of a injector noise or sounds like its firing harder. More pronounced detonation i guess you could say. I never really listened that close after i added them but it did sound a bit different. Is this pretty normal? There is blowby out the breather, if i pull the dipstick there will be some out of there too or if i take the fill cap off blowby will come out of there that pretty says it is. I changed oil 1k ago and it is pretty black, the lever hasn't changed much, maybe gone down just a tad. Does this all sound pretty normal? Am i worrying too much, i have heard of a nozzle breaking off but my egts, smoke and all has never changed. Should i pull them and get them pop tested to see if that will quiet them down a touch?
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How does the truck drive under moderate acceleration?? extreme acceleration??
I'd pull em but I'd also pay extra attention when installing the 'replacements'... make sure your connector tubes aren't damaged and that you're getting a good seal at the injector body and the injection line.
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