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Blow By and Nozzles

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I put stage 2 jammer nozzles on about 4k ago.....truck runs great and has alot of power. I didn't have them pop tested. The engine seems to have more of a injector noise or sounds like its firing harder. More pronounced detonation i guess you could say. I never really listened that close after i added them but it did sound a bit different. Is this pretty normal? There is blowby out the breather, if i pull the dipstick there will be some out of there too or if i take the fill cap off blowby will come out of there that pretty says it is. I changed oil 1k ago and it is pretty black, the lever hasn't changed much, maybe gone down just a tad. Does this all sound pretty normal? Am i worrying too much, i have heard of a nozzle breaking off but my egts, smoke and all has never changed. Should i pull them and get them pop tested to see if that will quiet them down a touch?
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i would pull them and have them pop tested
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