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Blew upper radiator hose!!!

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So I was coming back from New York and the upper radiator hose blew, got a cut in it actually from it being swollen and old it was sitting on the top pulley, pulled into a Walmart at 630 am near Richmond va. Had the spare hose but had to put in about 3/4 gal of that Prestone 50/50 mix any make model engine add to any color stuff. Will I be alrite to run this stuff for a little while? Don't have the spare $ to completely drain flush and refill the system at the moment. Thanks in advance guys
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You should be ok. The all make all model anti-freeze (coolant here in fl.) will mix with any color. It will say that in the fine print on the back of the bottle. Personally I don't like to mix, but you were in an emergency.
Well...if your stuck, your stuck. Just keep an eye on it.
If don't have a secret truck stash, I have much to teach you Danielson:hehe:
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