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BlackStone Lab Reports/All lab reports

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I think it would be good info for everyone if we all put up our last lab reports (the synopsis from Blackstone, mileage on the truck, miles on the oil, and then any numbers that were out of range, and definitely fuel dilution regardless of how good or bad), and whether deleted or stock.
Might give us a way to compare our trucks and look at reports from many different mileage options.
Has this been done before here, and if not, would anyone like to share that data? :ar15
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Ill put mine up. Gonna change oil in a couple weeks. Will post results when I get them.

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Here is my first (and only) analysis so far...(bought truck with 30217 miles on it with fresh oil
Truck: 2012 Ram 2500 CC 6.7L w/ Auto tranny
***Truck is completely stock***
Miles on truck at oil change: 35219
Miles on oil at time of change: 5002
Comments by Blackstone Labs: Universal averages show typical wear levels for this type of engine after about 6,300 miles on the oil. Aluminum and potassium are the only elements high enough to get a mark. Aluminum normally shows piston wear and potassium can show coolant, but it's not unusual to see these elements coming from the emissions system in new diesels. These elements could also be from a bad EGR cooler, but that would be unusual in a truck this new. Hopefully things look a little better next time. The trace of fuel is harmless. Run another 5,000 miles and check back.

Unusual numbers:
Aluminum--13 Universal Average: 3
Potassium--45 Universal Average: 6

Fuel Dilution: Trace
No TBN done on this oil change
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Wxguru your analysis is a mirror image of the one I just got back last week. It is my 3rd blackstone report I've had done and the only one that has shown high Aluminum and Potassium levels.

I had delo 400 15w 40 in the truck when the analysis was done with aroun 12,500 miles on the oil. I hit the panic button and dumped the oil and went back to Rotella T6 5w 40.

Any of you diesel guru's out there believe this could be attributed to a change in injection timing? I'm running a special file that I am happy with the results. Not trying to speculate just trying to narrow down the cause of the high Aluminum and Potassium.

Edit: After re reading your post I see your stock and fully deleted so the timing file probably has nothing to do with it.
So does anybody have oil analysis results from a deleted truck?
Would be nice to compare.
Okuma....I am not deleted at all....completely stock
After I posted I re read and saw that. I have the truck back exactly where it was when I had some Really nice analysis. My high potassium is strange since I am deleted and the coolant level doesn't appear to being low. Looks the same level as the day I bought it.

I even rolled back my xrt pro from .26 to .23 file. After about 10k miles I'll get analysis again.
Here's mine. Guess the engine is still breaking in.

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Awesome, thanks for sharing....i notice your potassium and aluminum is high also....that must be a common thread among our trucks.
I'm going to do another sample about the same oci. Using premium blue extreme 5w/40. Want to see if there's much difference between the conventional and synthetic.

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I just sent in a sample ... Toromont/Cat SOS. I'll try to post the results if I can somehow remember, heh heh.
This sample was taken at the 12K mile mark (3rd oil change) and my first analysis on the new truck. I had them done on the '06 and always had an elevated soot level no matter what ... everything else was fine. Kinda felt like it was a waste of hard earned money actually ... we'll see what happens with the '12.
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I just go my sample back and it was pretty much similar to all of yours
Aluminum - 13
Potassium- 38
I'm not sure the mileage on the oil because I just bought the truck... 2011 2500, not the 06 in my sig. When I got it the exhaust was deleted but EGR still installed. Since then its fully deleted.
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My Aluminum and Potassium were high also. I've been completely deleted since 6000 miles (EGR, EGR Cooler, NoX and DPF). I've mostly run stock with smarty, but have programmed it to 40HP (fuel economy) with a mix of 2 (default timing) and 3 for timing. I'll re-test next oil change to see if this changes. I'm hoping I don't already have a blown HG, but from looks of it even the deleted guys are seeing these high numbers. This sample was taken @ 15,400 miles with a little over 5000 on the oil. Text Line Design Font Parallel
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My oil analysis showed the same thing ... Potassium @ 70 and Alum @ 12 (though they considered the Alum to be "normal")
Sodium was also high @ 42
Copper was 40 but they didn't mention it being high either
Fuel was less than 1% and anti-freeze was NEG.
I used Cat SOS ... oil had 8000 kms or 5000 miles on it.
Truck is still undeleted ... again, oil analysis done at 12,000 miles (20,000 kms).
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From Blackstone:

Sure you can run longer. The TBN read 5.2 (1.0 is low), showing lots of active additive remaining in this oil so there's enough room for a longer run. That's not the only factor to consider when extending oil runs; wear metals, contamination, and the physical condition of the oil are important too. Wear metals look good next to universal averages, which show typical wear for this type of engine after ~5,300 miles on the oil. Anything residual from wear-in should wash out soon. Potassium (17) is probably from the EGR, not coolant. Try ~7,500 miles next. Check back.

(2012 stock Ram with 17,600 miles on it running Rotella T6)
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Well sent in a sample of the vpbe 5w40 with 6,000 miles on it. Changed my fuel filter for the first time @12,450. It looked like it needed it.

Auto part Filter Cylinder Car

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13,151 Miles on oil and 19523 on the truck at this sample.

ZINC 1384
Fuel % <0.5
Antifreeze % 0.0
Water % 0.0
Insolubles % 0.1

COMMENTS GEORGE: You didn't change the oil after the last report, and you've added nearly 8,000 miles since then,
so it's no surprise that metals have increased a bit in this sample. Iron is reading in the normal range at 24ppm, but universal averages are based on less than half the miles you've put on this oil, so your steel wear is actually much better than average. Copper is still a bit high, as is silicon, but these are normal this early in the engine's life; they're often the last two elements to drop to normal after wear-in. Leave the oil in place for now, and check back in ~2,000 more miles.

This oil is Amsoil 5W40, filters are an LF9028 and a Amsoil EaBP100. I now have 22k on the truck, same oil. I plan to change both filters and the oil with the same when I hit 25k. I will be doing another oil sample at that time.
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Wow, that is the longest I have seen someone go on oil....glad it still is good for you.
Hollnagel....damn...I would say that did need changing....holy crap that looks nasty.
I get to take my truck into the shop Wednesday for throwing O2 codes for the 3rd time in less than 3 months. First time engine light went out and didn't come on for another 2800 miles....2nd time it happened engine light went out on 3rd driving cycle...but only 300 miles before it is on again. P2271 and P241A
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I just wanted to ask the others that have stock trucks here. Are yall getting the change oil message before u change your oil? I've done a oil change @ 5000 & 6000 mile oil change intervals so far but haven't seen the change oil light yet.

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Change oil popped up on the EVIC at about 6000 kms and 12000 kms on mine so far ... right where I change the oil for the first few anyway.
6000 km = approx. 3600 miles
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