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Black Stacks!!!

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ok guys enough people have chrome stacks. im thinking about going with black ceramic coated stack. lets see what you all have for black stacks out there
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bump....i also am really interested in this.

where do you even get black ceramic coated stacks anyway? do you have to send em off to have it done or what?
I have black stackers. The are links to cuz for some reason when I try to upload picts on this site they are always too big. So I said to hell with it.

I just used high temp flat black spray and did it myself. Also did the flappers.

It is very different than 99% of stacked truck here too.
Joe E.
Yes, I def. wan to see some black stacks, Ive been saving to get some stacks and am 100% going for flat black miters
hows that paint hold up? and what kind of prepping is there?
You got anymore pics of that stack. Thats what Im thinkin of makin. CAT style
i have a single on mine i only have my myspace so here it is - JOSH (BULLRIDER) HANSON...SAY I WON'T - 18 - Male - diamond bluff/stillwater, Wisconsin - i'll try and get some pics on photobucket. It looks pretty sweet
oldschool it is off a cat 24h and ill try to get some more pics

One of these days i am going to get black bed liner and paint the diamond plate and clamps black
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I dont know how to post pics yet but I just got mine put on this past weekend but I only have the pictures on my myspace so here it goes.

You know your left decal is WAY crooked right? ... :T:
yeah my GF gives me $hI+ everyday about it.

One of these days i am going to get black bed liner and paint the diamond plate and clamps black
kmc did you use high temp grill paint or did you have them sent off to get coated?
I have always hated the gap between the cab of the truck and the closest possible mounting of the stacks. I wanna bend (or weld to proper angles) an offset in the pipe to curve up over the front bed rail to get the stack closer to the cab. Kinda picky I know but I think they look better the closer they are to the cab. Anyone ever seen this?

Yall have some great looking stack setups. I gues Im the only one running flappers????? OK Im honky I know.

But I really diggin the single stack on that 2nd gen with the welded 45* bend. Nice look.
Joe E.
I plan on running flappers on mine but only money permits. I think flappers are the coolest thing and I really dig your set up.
I got my flappers off ebay. I think I paid around $60 for both flappers (for 5" stacks). I used a high temp flat black spray paint on em and all is well. Very cheep addition for huge visual impact! lol

Have a good one.
Joe E.:thumbsup
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