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Black smoke

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im new to diesels and was wondering is there was anyway to get more black smoke if my truck is stock. i read in another thread that some guy removed the fuel plate and blocked his waste gate. i have no idea what that means but if i did it would it give me more smoke?
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you dont have a fuel plate you have a VP44 not a mechanical pump
so there is nothing i can do right now for more smoke, besides starting to buy aftermarket stuff
ya you could unplug map sensor or use search and look up smoke switch, but ofer than that aftermarlet goodies is what you'll need
unplugging the map sensor isnt going to cause any problems?
no it will unless you put a smoke switch in..
I thought if you put a smoke switch on a stock truck it would throw codes and not run
If you unhook the MAP sensor it will throw a code.
or you could buy a boost fooler for under a 100.00 bucks..just throwing it out there..
Sorry, but a boost fooler will do nothing without adding fuel also.
A boost fooler only keeps the computer from throwing an overboost code when more fuel has been added.
More fuel=More boost
good call dieseltrack......have ya just tried luggin down pretty good? when my truck was stock thats all i had to do..
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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