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Black Smoke at Idle, Rattle under Load

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I bought an '03 CR Cummins from a guy that had used a programmer. After the test drive and purchase, I noticed a light (but annoying) amount of black smoke out of the exhaust at idle. There is a light rattle (sounded like 2nd Gen) under load at hwy speeds. I checked the injectors (disabled them individualy) and the truck still smokes. Does this sound like an ECU problem to anyone? Got the P 0602 code. Is it possible there was an error when the truck was returned to stock performance? Otherwise, truck starts and runs fine. Thinkin maybe affected timing. Let me know
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If that truck has aftermarket injectors it will advance the timing, which could give you some knock. It is also possible the programmers tune was never removed. Black smoke at idle is usually aftermarket injectors.
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