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Ok, well this isn’t a... "Lets buy chemicals so I get a profit" kind of group buy. More of a let me see if I can help, kind of deal.

I have been setup with a chemical account and can get KOH and NaOH by the 50-55lb bags, as well as Methanol by the drum. I can order as much or as little as I want. There is a truck fee, so before I go out and just start buying I was curious to know if anyone else close buy wanted to stock up on some chemicals and the fee can be distributed. I live in the Pittsburgh region and all of the chems get delivered to my "commercial" warehouse... so it would be best if anyone responding was close by/within a doable driving distance.

Once again... this is not me repping for DPP or anything else. Its me just generally asking.(from one biodiesel’er to another).
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