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Biggest Noob here starting a Delete Job.

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First off I just wanted to say that you guys are great and a wealth of information from the things I have read so far. I am a new diesel owner and I am the farthest thing from a diesel mechanic that there is. That being said I am looking to do a DPF and EGR delete on my 2012 2500. I have the exhaust and egr delete in mind that I will get, my only issue is where to find a smarty that will do the DPF delete and not break the bank. I would love the minimaxx but it is way more than what I need both in terms of money and functionality. I am just looking for a little better performance, keeping the engine in good order and better sound. Any input on where to get the tuner I need at a decent price would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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Look into an xrt, which is a mini maxx without the screen
I just ordered the RaceME tuner and DPF delete pipe for my 2012.
Where did you order it from and what price did u give for it?
There are no US RaceME dealers if that is where you are. Order right from RaceME.
Is the raceMe the same as smarty me?
Similar, not the same though
Similar, not the same though
How do they differ? Can you update a regular smarty67 and it work??
How do they differ? Can you update a regular smarty67 and it work??
different tuning if im not mistaken ive heard there not compatible at all.

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Don't know were your located but I got my smarty off KSL classifieds it's a local used for sale site. Don't know if you have something like that I paid $350 for it. If you find a used one make sure its not vin locked.
I got a smarty sr for sale if your interested it will do dpf and egr delete.

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