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Bigger Fuel Tank

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Anyone put in a larger fuel tank on their truck? I think it would be a little worse on the MPG since all the extra weight you would be hauling?
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I can't imagine it would be any worse than carrying a bunch of junk/tools/spare parts like so many of us do. The selling point is range. Given the proper setup, you could go coast-to-coast without stopping...for fuel.

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It's either loose a tenth of a mile to the gallon probably or have to stop a lot sooner!
I've never really considered it...? I mean, stock tank now on mine is 34 gallons. That's a helluva dent in the wallet for a FULL tank, so I normally just top her off at half. Still, at the prices here, getting 30 plus gallons if I went close to empty would be over $110.00.

Most of the pumps here require a "re-swipe" of your card if over $85.00.

So spending roughly $65-70 every 2 weeks isn't so bad. Now that it's cooled off around here, I average 17 mpg or so, due to warming up at nights. Still no need for a 60 gallon monster underneath, though!! ;)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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