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Best Tunes Right Now?

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Saw some threads about who has the best tunes. There was a lot of votes for Anarchy and some solid ones for Innovative. The thread was a few years old though. Just wondering who has the latest and greatest.

I just picked up a 2008 quad cab with an 8 ft bed recently. It came with a cold air intake and I have a turbo back 5" exhaust and egr delete kit sitting in my garage waiting for me to find a tune so they can get put on. The exhaust is a dpf and cat delete exhaust. Everything else is stock as far as I know.

I've been told that EFI is the way to go and after looking at some threads, I think I might do the V2 so that I have the ability buy from multiple tuners down the road. So I'm also wondering what the cost will look like if I'm using the FlashScan as opposed to buying a bunch of AutoCals.

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I have an h&s black maxx on mine and love it I just had kory willis put his tunes on it friday and love them way better! The only reason I kept the black maxx over efi live was the overdrive trans tuning which in my eyes is a necessity with the 68rfe
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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