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Best Place to get Engine Block Heater Cord

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Hey guys, just looking to see where the best place is to buy an Engine Block Heater Cord for my 2012 Ram 2500. Thanks in advance
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I got mine at genos garage.

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I look real hard found mine in the front bumper

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Just got mine from Geno's the other day. $15.00 for the cord and super fast delivery. They are awesome!
They also sell bumper plug's so you don't have a hanging plug not sure if they have them for the 13's yet but they did for the 11's
Schied also seells the things for a decent price.
GENOS GARAGE!! :thumbsup:
I ordered one from Geno's garage, FOUR WEEKS AGO, still havnt seen it yet.. no confirmation email either.. but my credit card was charged for it not even a hour after I ordered it.. they didn't waste anytime getting their money for it.
If you have a Cummins parts/service spot near you you could get it there...don't go to dealer though...they want a lot for the damned thing
Without a doubt GENOS!
i got mine at a salvage yard off a 94 model, works like a charm
Ordered it from Geno's yesterday, shipped today with a tracking number. Thanks guys
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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