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Best Guess?

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based off of my sig..... cept i had a dennyT in..... I kinda dominated my stock clutch. Does anyone have a general idea of how much HP/TQ i might have? I also am planning on buying a Valair single disc clutch. It is rated at 600HP 1100TQ.......which is a ton more than will probably ever have..... its cheaper than buying a lower rated southbend and i figured it would last forever since it was rated so high. I hear that clutches with really high ratings on not so high engines act weird.... what does that exactly mean? will the 600HP clutch suck for me?
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I would say somewhere in the 225 to 250 range just a guess im not real good with the whole clutch thing but i wouldnt think that a high rated clutch would act different no
if you haven't turned up the fuel screw and are still running the stock turbo then yes somewhere around 250hp. with DDP80hp stick and a dennyt pin and a small advance in timing I got 234 hp on a stock auto. You'd have more power with a stick.
a heavy single disc clutch will be kindof in or out. They don't slip much, and any slipping is really hard on them. Heavy single disc clutches are hard on drivelines as well. They take up all the slack in the driveline, from your timing gears to the play in your rear end, RIGHT NOW. Not very forgiving. Consider a dual disk or another clutch that is rated more for the power you are running or the power you are after. Don't buy the heaviest clutch you can find. You will hate it.
i have the clutch your talking about...its ceramic. that said im making more power than you and it still is very harsh to drive in traffic like schamran said its hard on things but i got it anyway since my first valair clutch was rated for 300hp 700tq and it slipped nomatter what over half throttle
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