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Hey Bob

I just purchased your smarty box and have upgraded it to the new Revo software. I am thinking about going to the Revo TNT software but i have a few questions first.

The Truck:
05 Ram 2500 2WD
Stock lift pump/CP3
80HP Injectors
Garrett GT3788 Turbo
Suncoast trans: SFI flex plate & billet input shaft

First off is injector timing... should i leave that stock or advance it?

Second is rail pressure... again should i leave that stock or advance it?

Is there any other baseline recommendations that you may have as well?

This box is much more tunable then the bully dog box i just got rid of. Any help on this would be much appreciated!


New times w/ crazy larry:
[email protected]
Hoping for way down in the 12s!
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