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Best backup camera?

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Mods: This may not be the right section for this, if so move it please. Alright guys, I recently got an Edge Insight CTS and noticed that it has inputs for a backup camera. So, I started looking online and got overwhelmed pretty quickly. There are so many models out there I didn't know where to begin. Has anyone else added a camera to make their Edge display a backup camera? If so, what kind of camera did you use and how well does it work? I don't want to spend too much money on something I don't really need what so ever, but I also don't want to cheap out and not have it be worth the install. Thanks for any info guys
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I went with the Boyo VTL300CIR Zinc Metal Full Frame License Plate Camera (Black): Car Electronics because I wanted it night vision and I wanted it by my license plate to look at my hitch when backing up. Have had it for a year now and no problems. I also went with it for the company Boyo is really reaputable.
I bought this one too, Decent camera once you get used to it. I also added Retro Solutions LED backup lights, SUPER BRIGHT.
Camera complaints: No lines for distance, and side reference, Camera blips when brakes are applied...Probably power draw from lights, might not be the cameras fault.
Likes: Was $40 shipped, Looks decent at night for a 40buc camera, And is one of the best investments when hooking up a trailer. Im plenty good at aligning a ball to a trailer, but this makes it so easy, Canopy, Camper, angle, unlevel, no problem.
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