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belt driven on board air question

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i am going to be doing a belt drive system for sure. i have a pair of viair 480s and well they suck to be quite frank.

i know lots of people use the york ac compressor but my problems with that is i do not want oil in my air at all. not even a little bit. i also want a compressor pump that will either feed off the engine oil, or reliability be able to contain its own oil with little to no consumption of it.

my question is this

why does no one seem to use an actual air compressor pump? removing the v belt pulley that would go to the electric motor and replace it with an ac clutch pulley

places like northern tool and harbor freight has some cheaper than you can find a used york. i just don't see why this hasn't been done and would like some other peoples thoughts on the matter before i buy one and start modding it to fit.

as for the air tank that will not be a problem as the OEM fuel tank has been removed completely and will be the location of a 10 gallon or better air tank.


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In order to use the Ford electric vacuum pump the truck has to be converted to hydro-boost brakes.
I have the engine driven compressor on my Fummins and really like it ,but you can not use one with the Dodge throttle linkage mounted on the side of the injection pump.
I modified a industrial throttle linkage to work with the 2nd gen Dodge cable.
To answer the compressor question there were companies that made kits to install belt driven air compressor on engines, I seen several tire company service trucks setup with that system some years back before the engine compartment got to full of emissions crap for anything else to fit in there. They used a AC compressor clutch to turn on the compressor when needed, most compressors had a self contained oil system, but many HD trucks with gas engines and air brakes had belt driven compressors with oil supplied for the engine, 3208 Cat diesels also used this setup. Keep in mind that compressors with engine supplied oil must also have provisions for the oil to return to the engines oil pan, 5.9's engine mounts for pickup apps requires blocking off the factory drain in the side of the block so I had to install a oil pan fitting to drain the compressor oil back to the engine.

Oil in the air system is entirely dependent on the compressors condition, a new compressor or one in good condition will send little to no oil into the air system, a well used compressor with worn pistons and rings will allow oil to pass the rings and inner the air supply system.
Unless your planing to use the trucks air system to paint with the small amount of oil that could pass thru a good compressor won't hurt anything and will be drained out when you purge the air tank. If you are planing to paint a good secondary filter to trap any moisture and oil is needed after the air leaves the tank.

Google: under hood air compressors, VMAC, Extreme Outback Products, Kilby are some I found.

Here's a link to a thread on this forum about a guy building his own setup.
Very detailed.
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