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Hey I am a newbie in the diesel world trying to learn as much as I can through research but I have found a truck I really like and I have a few questions, first here is the CL ad:
03 dodge cummins h.o. 6 speed, 145,000 miles, 4x4 works great. Leveled, 20x9 fuel hostage wheels wrapped in 35 inch nitto trail grapplers with 90 percent tread left. Great running truck.
Here is a few extras:
64mm silver bullet turbo
Banks high ram
Smarty TNT tuned
Fass fuel system
Valiar single disc clutch
5 inch straight Mbrp exhaust
7 inch tip
3 pod gauges

I will not be racing or towing with this truck. Its going to be my "weekend" truck and will be driven maybe 7-8k miles per year.
My Questions:
1. The seller said his diesel mechanic recommended but said its not necessary, but getting 100hp nozzles (not injectors) would help the it run smoother because it is getting an unbalanced amount of air compared to fuel. Does this sound correct? Any damage that could have occured up to this point from to much air? i.e. high egt's?
If I do decide to do that, is it wise to go with nozzles or should I go all the way with injectors? I think all I can afford would be the nozzles unless I wait a year.

2. Most 6speed trucks I've found have Southbend Dual clutch installed. How does this Valiar clutch compare? Better, worse, same?

3. He says the Fass Fuel is annoyingly noisy until you get used to it. Is this normal?

4. I don't know anything about this a good one to have?

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