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Bed Covers

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This may have been covered in other threads, but I haven't found them. I'm looking for a bed cover / tonneau for my '13 with Ram Box.
The Pace Edwards Jack Rabbit Full Metal looks like it covers all the must have's.
But before I pull the trigger, I'd like to hear from anyone else who has sprung for this. And if there's better alternatives, I'm all for hearing about that.

I don't think I want a fold up hard cover as I'd like the to uncover almost the whole bed without removing the cover.

What's the recommendation from this learned group?
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Hmm. not sure if this fits what you are seeking but been content using these for last two covers.

Truxedo Tonneau Covers - Best Prices, 2340+ Reviews & Free Shipping on Truxedo Truck Covers for Pickups
A buddy of mine has one of those tri fold extang ones. its a hard cover, he seems pretty happy with it.
Had an Extang and thats the one that had those sliding aluminum snaps along the rails which break off, especially in winter. They give you some extra ones but I do like the Truxedo hardcore Velcro MUCH BETTER than snaps!
I have had several RollnLocks.

Good quality product. Moe expensive but worth it.
Lots of choices out there. First you need to decide if you want fiberglass, aluminum, or vinyl. Folding, roll up, retractable?

For what its worth, I really like my BakFlip F1. suits my needs perfectly.
Sidebar on the Rollnlocks.

They are built with a lockable black vinyl over a retractable aluminum frame retracting into a canister.

Reason I prefer them is you can stand things up in the bed. Have not had experience with the flip types.

I can still use my gooseneck even with the canister laying across the back of the bed.
I have the Pace Edwards Full metal Jackrabbit on my 2013 Laramie crewcab longbed. Fits nice. Almost water proof. I ordered it on line and installed myself. Maybe full waterproof if installed by a pro?
Works with a fifth wheel too.
I'm shopping for a cover myself. I think I want a retrac type this time around.

Went to a respected local truck shop to see some units for myself, in particular wanted to look at a retrax unit. The shop owner is steering me towards the roll n lock as his favorite. It did have the smallest canister compared to the retrax or pace, leaving you more bed space. He also said it did well in terms of durability and being waterproof. Also locks to the tailgate, the others I saw did not.

The shop owner said the pace Edwards units used to be his favorite but had been bought out by a larger company and warranty/parts support was poor. He said same company also owns Leer, TAG, and a few others.

After seeing, probably will go with the roll n lock in a few weeks.
I've had several Gaylord bed covers in the past. They look great, color matched to the truck(s). Open up like a trunk. Quick disconnect if you need to remove it. Very clean look and really makes the bed area far more aerodynamic.

Went with a cab high Leer xl100 shell on my '05. Full length windows all around for better visibility.
Took it off and put it on my '14. Fits fine. Secured it with clamp type hardware. Clean and easy to remove if ness.

I actually bought the shell used from an '01 model Dodge. Told the guy if it fit on my '05, I'll take it. It did! Sliding front window, pop-out back quarter windows. Great shape and only $250. Interesting that it also fits fine on my '14 as well.
+1 for the BakFlip F1 on a 13 RamBox, liking mine.
Went through the same decision process (not a lot of choices for rambox)...wanted a durable, retractable cover. Pros and cons to all but for my taste and needs, went with Retrax PRO, fully lockable at any position, aluminum and real sturdy with sealed ball bearings etc and a few rains that I have driven in, not a drop inside...perhaps because of professional installation?
Thanks for all the good feedback guys. Looks like I have a couple of options to consider beyond the Pace Edwards. Will keep you posted on the decision. (Putting together a Christmas list so the wifey can shop for toys for the new truck.)
I used to have a Fiberglass lid on my 03, Then I went with a Roll-lock on my 12, I put a roll-n-lock on my 13 also because of the ease of closing and also with a fifth wheel it does not get in the way and can be closed up to the fiver hitch when towing
I just installed a Pace Edwards Bedlocker last week on my '13 Longhorn. Fit like a champ, installed it myself in about 2 hours, taking my time and not rushing. Seals tight against the tailgate. Had couple days of light rain since then, no water inside bed as of yet.

Wanted the electric because the bed sits so high the wife would never have been able to operate a manual one.
I've owned pace Edwards jack rabbits on my last two rams. I've always been very happy with the cover. I intend to pick up the same for my 13 within the week so I can install it next weekend.

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Truck Covers USA makes one that'll fit with the ram box:

Truck Covers USA | ROLL COVER FEATURES - Truck Covers USA

I had one on my 2007 and just got one for my sig truck. I liked it a lot better than the Pace Edwards Jack Rabbit. Just another option....
Pace Edwards for me. My Jackrabbit has been on three rams, soon to be 8 years in use. Matching transfer flow tank added two weeks ago. Unfortunately they are expensive.
I just ordered a Retrax for my new truck I'm picking up on Monday. I had an Undercover cover on my 2004 for about 8 years. Never had a problem with it, though I dont know if they make one compatible with the rambox - not sure.
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