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BD X tuner programmer

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Is anyone running one of these? Positives, Negatives? Thanks
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I would like to know also:beer
I never heard anything, I read their website, only info I can point you to
x tuner? whats that, is it new?
Don't think it is new. Found them on sale for $360 and free shipping. Looks like they add duration and timing. 60hp, 90hp, and 130hp levels, plus all the usual programmer stuff.
Actually the x=tuner (timing only) stacked with the BD Power module (duration only version) Works very well. I ran it before I went to the smart. Call Dave at BD he can give you some numbers. Just the x-tuner works well. Great low end like wild tq on smarty with good top end. Low egts. I like to compare to smarty 4.ll.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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