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So I just finished helping a buddy install a bd vb, we took our time (~5 hours) followed the instructions to a T. We installed the hd band strut as well, I adjusted the bands per DTTs specs because they had both front and rear adjustments. Bd instructions only gave front specs. Bands are adjusted to 72 in/lbs front backed off 1 7/8 turns. Rear backed off 3 turns. Double and triple checked everything. Now when you drive the truck it goes into drive and reverse fine but kinda slips out intermittently, now when driving first holds fine until it gets ready to shift into second, it sorta hesitates into second, (now is where it gets REALLY weird) when it attempts to hit 3rd the tranny starts to smoothly hang up like someone's holding the brakes... And continues to hang up as long as you're on the throttle. So anyone got any ideas? I'm sure it could be a million things but I need some direction here. It's just so discouraging to have this outcome when we took our time and checked everything so many times. This is kind of urgent too because he's planning to drive the truck to California tomorrow (I know, really poor planning on our part) but if anyone has ANYTHING to say please post it up. Thanks guys.

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