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bd lift pump !!!NEED ADVISE PLEASE!!!

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hey guys, so after two holley gerotor pumps takin' a poop, I decided to try something different. I picked up one of BD Diesel's bypass lift pump kits ( not the MAX FLOW). well the pump builds around 11psi when i hook it straight to the battery, but when I start the truck, the pressure slowly creeps down to Zero!!!. There is no way I should have 0psi at idle, even if it does use the carter pump. What could the problem be? I know everything is installed correctly. I'm starting to get seriously frustrated with this whole lift pump thing:banghead: Any advise guys? (besides that I shoulda bought an AirDog:lol4:)
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Give somemore info.I assume your truck didnt have the in tank pump previously?Or
the carter from the block has been removed ant the fuel line goes straight to the stock filter?How old is the filter?
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