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If your in cold weather,,, get the biggest dang battery you can find... your grid htrs will pull 240amps when heating, on a battery with 750CCA which is Cold Cranking Amps @ 32*F you have now come down to 450 usable amps at 32*F...... yes you have dual batteries,,, but I say the more amps the better,,,, a diesel fires on warm fuel, compression and revolutions. Interstate's top CCA is rated at 1000 CCA @32*F.... Deka (hard to find, East Penn Mfg) is 1000CCA @ 0*F,,,,,, this is what I use, abuse, and trust...... not a fan of the Optima's either, the early ones where good,,, quality has plumited recently.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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