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Ok so my dad just picked up a 98.5 the other day for a steal. I drove it, and god was it slow!! so I guess the truck has the banks "git kit" on it which is an exhaust and an Ottomind programmer. Anyways long story short the previous owners (truck belonged to 4 wheelers supply) said the truck was doing weird things so they unplugged the programmer and it ran fine. Well I took a look under the hood and found that they left the map sensor still plugged into the banks harness. So I fixed that and there didn't seem to be much gain in power. But it also appears that this programmer taps the pump also. It was unplugged though. And another weird thing was that it doesn't look like the data link has ever been touched and the banks harness plugs in somewhere under the plastic cover over the pump instead? So anyone have any knowledge about this programmer? How much hp does it actually add? I thought it was only 65 until I saw it was a wire tap box also so would it be worth trying to hook it all back up correctly to see what it does and send it back to banks if need be? Or just junk it and get an edge or quad? Sorry for the long post guys, but I just can't find out ANYTHING about this box and want to know if it's worth keeping even though it is a banks product :hehe:

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