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Banks Big Hoss Level 5

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Who has had this? Can anyone tell me anything about it? I've searched and searched and have come up empty. I just got this truck last Thursday and this is what it has under the dash. It came with the Banks Power Package. The truck runs great, trans shifts a matter of fact the trans was CLEAN when I picked the truck up. The inspection plate was dirty, but the trans was spotless. The dealer couldn't tell me if it had been rebuilt, but I would guess that it has been if it's this clean. Anyway, tell me about this Big Hoss Level 5.
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Noone has had this on their truck?
sorry...i dont think anyone runs Banks around here. their stuff is kinda forbiden to us cummins guys. no smoke=gay :lol3:
It's a conservative fueling box. You should be able to stack it with a timing box if you want a little more low end of which that box has absolutely none.
You are right, it has NONE, not once testicle of low end torque! LOL, no smoke equals gay! I agree!

Hey, it was on the truck when I got it last week. I'm going to the Edge soon.
I had a banks big hoss on my '01. I hated the fact I could not adjust the levels. I switched to a smarty and the low end is much better.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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