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Ball Joint press?

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Has anyone found a lower end ball joint press that will work for replacing dana 60 joints? I dont like to buy cheap stuff but i will probably only use the press once or twice. I know some auto parts stores will rent them but havent checked any in my area. Whatever i buy or rent i want to make sure it fits my truck so i dont spend time frustrated looking for adaptors or driving thirty miles to return a rental. I also have a compact car that needs new ball joints. I may be willing to spend a few duckets for a well made, truly universal press. Any ideas, comments or suggestion?
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If you can find a good set, let me know...
OTC makes a ball joint press, they call it the 3 in 1 service set, I t can be used for pressing ball joints, u-joints, and brake shoe anchor pins on heavy trucks, I paid about $300 for mine, and it came with the necessary adapters for 4WD ball joints. When I'm back to work, I'll try to remember to get the P.N. for ya.
p.s. this press should work for you're compact car too.
I have the OTC three in one set with the master ball joint adaptor set. I had to custom make the cup to remove the lower ball joint on my '01. It does make the job much easier. good luck
a torch works great. . .

had to torch all mine out.

press did absolutly nothing. but then again i had the harbor freight crap.
Ball Joint Press

Thanx all for the Info. I called Autozone and they said they had one that would work for my truck. All they require is a $99 dollar deposit. Cant beat that if the press works.
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