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Bailey here from Baja Designs. The XL is our 4.5"x4.5" LED Auxiliary light. Our XL Series has a wide variety of different patterns and performance options.
This includes the XL Sport, XL Pro, XL80, and XL Racer and start at $199.95. Don't forget! We also have XL-R Models (Round Bezel) For those looking to have the Old School Round look.
These have our High Speed Spot reflectors giving you maximum distance for high speed or aggressive night driving.

XL Sport - starting at $199.95
20W/1800 Lumens - Available in Square Bezel + Round Bezel

XL Pro - starting at $349.95
40W/4900 Lumens - Available in Square Bezel + Round Bezel

XL80 - starting at $399.95
80W/9500 Lumens - Available in Square Bezel + Round Bezel

XL Racer - starting at $399.95 *Offers ~40% more distance than XL Pro and XL80
40W/4300 Lumens

We also have the following accessories available:
- Black Rock Guard - $9.99ea

- Amber Rock Guard - $9.99ea

Wiring Harnesses:
- On/Off Only - $24.95

- On/OFF + Mode (25% Dimmer) - $74.95

Thank You,
Bailey, Baja Designs


Don't forget to call (800)422-5292x114 for your 10% discount! - [email protected]
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