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Bagged Shock Suggestions

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Hey guys. I have a 49 Willys pickups that I've swapped 94 cummins drivetrain and axles in to. Though I'm not new to custom suspension setups, this is my first bagged truck. I normal deal with offroad link suspension with coils and shocks or even coilovers which offer an abundance of adjustability.

I did a triangulated 4 link rear and a 3 link plus panhard front. I am running Dominator D2600 bags all the way around with random no name shocks I had laying around the shop.

My problem is the ride on rough roads. I am getting a pretty bad jolt then buck from the rear. The front. Honestly doesn't seem to be jolting or bucking or anything. But it doesn't seem to really float like it should either. Maybe it just feels that way because I am so distracted by the rear ride. I'm about 3200lbs on the front tires and 2200 on the back.

What are you guys running for shocks? Is there a decent cheap shock that offers tune ability on compression and rebuild? Or am I going to have to go to a full blown rebuildable fox shock or something?

Thanks for your help.
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Would I have better luck in the 2wd suspension section?
Have you tried test driving it with no rear shock installed? Im guessing if you do that you will still have a hard ride because your air ride spring rate could be too stiff for the light weight rear. If that is your issue you can add a tank in series with each bag increasing the volume and will reduce the spring rate.

That type of bag has a progressive not linear spring rate, it is good when mounted on an A-arm or trailing arm with a motion ratio.
GREAT IDEA! I didn't think about adding a reservoir tank in line to act as a cushion bringing the spring rate tamp down a little.

Correct. Worse without shocks do to the high spring rate.

I bought some serviceable Doetsch Shocks. Requested firm rebound, light compression. Helped out quite a bit but they didn't go firm enough on the rebound. I will be revalving them to firm up the rebound in the rear and lighten both compression and rebound in the front
What extended length/collapsed length do you need. A sleeve style bag with an hour glass shaped piston (wide skinny wide) would give you a better ride than the convoluted style bag you have.
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