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BAD brake dust....

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Why do these trucks seem to make SOOO much brake dust? I mean jeez, I can't drive 500 miles without having to clean the wheels. I did a brake job about 4 months ago. Used the best pads I can get locally. Carquest Gold or something like that. But it was the same way with the old pads. The dust is why I painted my rims black. To help hide the dust. But the damn dust is kinda brownish and still shows up bad on my black wheels:thud:

Anybody have any suggestions? What about those discs that go between the rim and the brakes to keep dust out? Do they work? Where can I get them?
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Get some 'EBC' rotors and pads. You will NEVER have brake dust again. They are made of asbestos not iron.
Oh, and it's only the fronts, that dust bad, it seems on these trucks. Just cause the fronts do most of the braking I assume.
I thinkin about getting a set of the Kleen wheels dust shields. I guess I should get ones for a Hummer H2 since that's what wheels I have. I figure they would go buy the rim more so than the truck. Am I thinking right on this?
i would NOT recommend the kleen wheels!!!!!!! i bought them and they $UCK!!!!!!!!!! ...1st off they r very cheap not worth the money, 2nd , they dont even fit was i pi$$ed, waited like 3 weeks for delivery...took one wheel off, and that was it ......back in the box they went .........and i made them pay for the shipping.......i told them i would never refer them to anybody.....bad gonna try what Dieselrookie said...cause my get NASTY in 1 day
I would too. But I just put brakes on mine. Brakes aren't cheap either! Any other suggestions?
Getting just the EBC pads isn't too expensive. That should probably help.
I wouldn't see where the rotors would matter. It's just the pads that make the dust. Where'd you get them? How much? If you don't mind.
Which of their pads do you have?
My dad has them on his truck. I'm going off of what I've seen of his. He hasn't had dust since he installed them about 10K ago. If you google EBC brakes you can get to there site. There is a lot of info on there. They even have an application guide. I think the Green ones are the ones you need. I forget how much they are. The rotors help in the braking. They stop on a dime.
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