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B H A F !!!

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So I just got my new filter on and got rid of the K&N since everyone told me they are not good for a diesel?? Anyway, I saw the pictures of them in the garage, but wow! The thing is huge, it arrived at work and when I saw the box I was in shock. Got it in and I am happy with it except the "torque tube" is awful close to the heat shield on the manifold now I will have to figure something out.
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I try to tell people this ALL THE TIME :doh:
ok, i GET it now, what's the PN for the AFE?:confused013:

i'll go get that later this week if a get an answer:thumbsup:
ok, thanks man:thumbsup:

i worked up quite the headache lookin for it on their website...:banghead::banghead::banghead:
ok, thanks man:thumbsup:, but, i'm stickin to a dry flow:)

AEM 21-2259DK - AEM Dryflow Synthetic Air Filters

me want that:drool2::drool2::drool2:, i wonder if it would even fit under the hood:shock::lol4:
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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