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AX Flash Problems?

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Ok, so those of you that have an 07 with the AX flash.....Are you guys still having the p2262 code and soot problems? I got the flash early in the trucks life. I only have 4500 miles on it and it was bought in Oct of 2007. So many of the 4500 miles is with the AX flash. I don't have a MIL yet....but I was thinking that the AX flash will help prevent it from happening later on.
So shout back at me if you have had the AX and continued problems. :popcorn:
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AX Flash

i have AX and 2262 issues
How long have you had the AX Flash in relevance to your mileage?

i just got the AX flash andi bought the turck in september 07. cat full message is now on (dont know if thats the 2262 code but i will find out soon enough!! got me a pmt!:woot:)
Think It will explode? wish I was rich, If I was I would like to crawl under mine and burn it off with a Plasma Cutter....sorry just letting out my frustration with this junk

1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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