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A few weeks ago I installed Auto Ventshade 194109 window visors on my ‘15 3500 CC.

I tried to line them up and install them as perfectly as I could and followed the directions by scrubbing the inside of the channel with the scotch bright pad and cleaning good with alcohol wipe and left the window closed for well over 24 hours.

They seem to have adhered and seated good.

At highway speeds there is quite a bit of wind noise coming from all 4 window visors, almost as if the window was just barely cracked open. I’ve had the AVS in-channel vent visors on my last two trucks (‘12 & ‘17 Tundra’s) and did not have any wind noise.

By design of the vent visors, there is a tab that has to go behind the mirror plastic which creates a small gap between the mirror plastic and the door.

I’ve tried to accept it but just can’t seem to come to terms with it since most of my driving is highway / interstate speeds. I really like the functionality of them so I’d rather not go without them completely.

So before I take them off I ’m wondering if anyone else has or has had wind noise and what did you do about it? Is there another brand that might be worth a try? Should I go for the original ones that stick on the outside of the door? I really prefer the cleaner look of the in-channel though...

I did try to put both the foam and felt window / door seal in the window channel separately, but they only reduced the wind noise a little bit, so I took it back out.

Thank you all in Advance for your help and feedback!!

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