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Auxiliary Switches, OEM Install

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Has anyone or is it even possible to install factory up fitter switches into a truck that has those spots already filled with the heated/cooled seat buttons and heated wheel button?

You can access those functions from the u connect screen and I'm guess that is how the trucks that come with them work (have to access those functions via the screen) but not sure.

And before any of the search Nazis pop off I have searches and not found an answer to this question! If I had I wouldn't bother writing a post.
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Are you wanting 100% oem install and function or just the switches?
I test drove a truck that had heated seats and the factory installed aux switches. The only way to control the seats was through the 8.4 touchscreen, there were no separate buttons for the seat heater controls.
I want it to look and function like the OEM switches but don't mind doing my own relays if needed. Also wanting to make sure removing my existing switches will not disable any functions.
Follow that link above. Perfect how to and lots of good info. I used it and have zero issues with my added switches.
Bud did you get rid or switches for seat warmers\coolers and heated wheel?
I guess not.

Has anyone installed factory up fitter switches AND removed the heated seat/ac seat buttons?
Sorry I forgot about this thread and don't check this section daily.

If you have the 8.4 you can delete the manual buttons and control the functions via the 8.4. The Actual install or retrofit will be the same as the link has laid out.
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Easiest way to check is to pull the radio bezel and unplug the harness from the current buttons. You should still have control via the 8.4.
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