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AutoEnginuity and Drive press

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The is a feature in AutoEnginuity that says Exhaust pressure in is in units of inHg (mercury) looking to use this to tune my EWG when i get it here. 1 inhg =.491 PSI from my research.

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So whats your question?

BTW, you do realize the .491 PSI is in absolute pressure... right?

Also hg is used to measure low pressure... negative / vacuum.

I don't know anything about your software, but I don't see how our exhaust will be able to use hg to measure pressure.
yes... to a point.

Drive pressure is the pressure that builds as the exhaust is forced through the turbo, exhaust manifold, tail pipe, muffler, dpf...etc.
just a decent quality pressure gauge should be fine.
Exhaust pressure is drive pressure... but to measure in hg is kinda backwards. I suppose it could be used but hg is typically used for measuring vacuum.

Are you sure the program wasn't referring to an intake manifold... which will have vacuum?
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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