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Auto vs Man crank

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Tried to search for the post about the difference between automatic crank and a manual crank but could not find it.
Is there a difference between the two and what about between an 03 and 06 crank?
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the flywheel for the auto trans, and the flexplate for the manual trans should just bolt to the crankshaft. but they may be different cause the 03-04 have the 47re and the04.5-06 have the 48re... for things like this i call the dealers parts department and have them check to see if the two years, and the two trans have different part numbers.
No, the flywheel is for the manual and the auto's have a flexplate. Also only a few 03s had the 47RE. Most 03s had the 48re, and all later vehicals till 07.5 had the 48re. You pretty much had everything backward :spank:

To answer the question the cranks are the same for manuals and autos, no need to make a difference between them.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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