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Audio upgrade

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Starting to do the stereo in my truck. I currently have the infinity system in it now. I am going to get a double din dash bezel and put in a pioneer avh-p2400bt. I know I need an interface to connect it to the stock system. I was going to get the one that doesn't use the steering wheel controls. How much power does the factory amp have? I am going to use the factory speakers for now. And upgrade them after. What is the best way to configure the speakers in these trucks. I am thinking of front door speakers 6 x 9 and 3.5 in the dash and possibly adding a sub later. Would it be wise to bypass factory amp and amp the door speakers?
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I JUST got done having all of this done in my Mega Cab and it sounds amazing. I opted to not have the steering wheel controls either. It was too much more money to have something I never used anyway. The only speakers I kept stock were the ones in the dash and they are handling the extra power nicely. If you are interested I can get you the details on what I had done. The box I have still leaves a ton of room for storage too. Just one sub but the flow of air in the box makes it sound SICK! Have you ever checked out the Kenwood Excelon series? They are like half off retail right now and they come with a higher power output by far and they have an unsurpassed sound quality to them.
I have a backup camera built into my deck and the lens I chose also acts as a license plate trim. The camera is also adjustable for those trucks that are lifted/lowered.
I had the 6x9's in my front doors and smaller ones in my back doors. I thought I had the receipts with me but I dont:( But, I went ALL OUT! I have sattellite TV and a gaming port for an XBox or Wii. I have Screen's in my headrests, up in the deck, and hanging from the ceiling and they all tie together. It was actually pretty inexpensive. The guy that did the work did say that the infinity speakers were far better than the "norm" stock ones were and that they would have held up okay for what I wanted. It sounds excellent! As soon as I get ahold of my receipts I can tell you what I specifically have running. I just have one sub but its very, very beefy :)
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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