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Audio upgrade

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Starting to do the stereo in my truck. I currently have the infinity system in it now. I am going to get a double din dash bezel and put in a pioneer avh-p2400bt. I know I need an interface to connect it to the stock system. I was going to get the one that doesn't use the steering wheel controls. How much power does the factory amp have? I am going to use the factory speakers for now. And upgrade them after. What is the best way to configure the speakers in these trucks. I am thinking of front door speakers 6 x 9 and 3.5 in the dash and possibly adding a sub later. Would it be wise to bypass factory amp and amp the door speakers?
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I would be interested in hearing about that. My long term plans are:
Deck first with bu camera
Door speakers in front doors and dash speakers. Still unsure of door speaker size, I have heard boh 6x9 or 6.5"
Amp speakers
JL stealthbox I like having the back seat shelf though so not sure about he sub yet I had a 12" thunderform in my f150 and really like it so I maybe willing to loose the shelf later.
Wow that was way more than what I was thinking of doing. Sounds really cool though.
I still haven't installed this yet. I have a pioneer avh-p2400bt double din deck. I just got a bezel off eBay for 150 and a q logic sub box for $50 off eBay. I am going to just install the deck soon and add the rest later on. I will amp the front speakers and probably bridge the sub off a four channel amp. It is only a 10" sub but hey I am 47 this year so what can you expect.
I have a set of 5.25 TMA component speakers would it be wise to install these in the front doors with the amp and 10" sub under the rear seat. Or would it be a better idea to get a decent 6x9 or 6.5" for the doors instead of the 5.25" speakers. I just ordered a 600 watt jbl 4 channel amp to run the sub and front speakers
Where is the best amp mounting location? I was thinking on the back wall or under the front centre seat.
1 - 6 of 19 Posts
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