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Audio upgrade

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Starting to do the stereo in my truck. I currently have the infinity system in it now. I am going to get a double din dash bezel and put in a pioneer avh-p2400bt. I know I need an interface to connect it to the stock system. I was going to get the one that doesn't use the steering wheel controls. How much power does the factory amp have? I am going to use the factory speakers for now. And upgrade them after. What is the best way to configure the speakers in these trucks. I am thinking of front door speakers 6 x 9 and 3.5 in the dash and possibly adding a sub later. Would it be wise to bypass factory amp and amp the door speakers?
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:thumbsup: Well done! I hate to peice part an install myself. I find it best to get all the parts and peices and then take everything a part and install it and then put it all back together and be done!! My plans so far for my 08 mega cab , is to go with a kenwood excellon dvd hu or Pioneer hu , I already have the stock rear dvd player . I`m going to go with cdt audio for all my component speakers which i plan to run 4 sets and go with a down firing sub box for under the rear seat with not sure yet 2-12" subs leaning toward RE audio. I`m going to drive them all with Zed amps, looks like 4 of them and I`m going to use all stinger wiring, blocks ect. looking to run around 3500-4000 rms watts. Should be LOUD!! Look at their , there is a ton of oustanding audio companies that most peolpe have never heard of that are outsanding! Make a budget and shop! Good luck!!
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I would say get a set of good 6x9 comps , and if you can`t find a good set then do the 6.5" comps. Use the 5 1/4 " in the rear doors for fill.
I`m going to mount mine on the back wall, if they will all fit! :hehe: Best place is were they get good air flow to help keep them cool and also a safe place were it`s hard to steal, but also were you can get to them if you need to tweek anything. Just my 2 cents.
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