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Audio upgrade

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Starting to do the stereo in my truck. I currently have the infinity system in it now. I am going to get a double din dash bezel and put in a pioneer avh-p2400bt. I know I need an interface to connect it to the stock system. I was going to get the one that doesn't use the steering wheel controls. How much power does the factory amp have? I am going to use the factory speakers for now. And upgrade them after. What is the best way to configure the speakers in these trucks. I am thinking of front door speakers 6 x 9 and 3.5 in the dash and possibly adding a sub later. Would it be wise to bypass factory amp and amp the door speakers?
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cdt audio is a hit and miss with them. zed amps are the tits. great stuff.
im only running a front stage setup. rainbow vanadium cross line265 phas plug. the highs are sex. the mids are ehh..but i think its because of the doors being to big for them. the bottom out quick thus why on dont run low frequencys to them. the front stage runs of a focal fp 2.150.
i need to get fillers for the rear. u dont really need to amp the rears. just run them off the radio unless ur aim is just to be loud.
my subs are digital design 3510s. 2 10in subs. trust me, all u need is 10s. less space. slightly smaller box, they will play higher notes and get low as well. i have an 1800rms dd amp which only puts out about 900 or so watts to each sub..but trust me.. i dont hit those 900 watts. each sub will take 1500rms. i think the best ill do is prob 1200 each. lol seeing as the air pressure that builds up inside the cab has started to do wonders to my interior.
u might want to rethink those 4 re audio subs. ur gonnna need alot of box space for them to be happy in the right sized box.
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Dont worry about ur rears so much. All u gotta do is have sound coming out from the rear doors. Keep them stock. Concentrate on the front doors. Thats where u sit. Focal audiohas a great set of 6x9s if u dont want to mess around with buildomg adapters. Small amp will do. Jl audio sells 6in subs that im sure will be sufficient for what ur looking for. Not to loud but fill in with the bump. U can get them for around 80 each. The box for them is no bigger then a shoe box. But keep this in mind, a custom box will bring out the best amd optimum sound for any sub regardless of the cost on the sub. Subs need a specific amount of air volume( space ) to sound great.
If there is anything u get from this dont dont buy pre fab boxes.
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