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Fastest Way to <br />
Secure your ATV/UTV<br />
The Superclamp tie-down system is the fastest way to Secure your ATV/UTV to your deck or trailer. The Superclamp attention to detail and quality are unmatched. We make the best tie down system period. The Superclamp system is now being sold for a newer lower price, factory direct, for $499.95. Whenever we are unloading our machines, people are always amazed how quickly we can get the ATV/UTV’s locked down or off the trailer. You can literally have a side X side or ATV clamped down in place in a matter of a couple seconds. The Superclamp system quick release tire chocks can also be removed with the turn of two knobs allowing full utility of your trailer or truck deck. The system can be used for every make or size of ATV/UTV. Two or four door and up to 30 inch tires. There is a locking safety pin that can be replaced with a padlock for a theft deterrent. There is no screwing around when we want to hit the dirt, flip the rear tire levers and unload. The front chocks are made of a highly engineered composite material and the rear tire bars of injected die cast aluminum. For more product info and videos go to their website at <a href="" target="_blank">SuperClamp.Net: Manufacturers of the Industries Leading Snowmobile and ATV/UTV/SPYDER tie-downs.</a>
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