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Installation of this damper is a nightmare, this review is only for my specific application. I would classify it as a race only part just because of the difficulty of the install. The best way to get it on....have the motor out of the truck, or have the front end torn down. I had to loosen my fan blade to get the unit up to the crank, and I still barely had room to get it up to the block (this is also with the damper assembled loose). If it hadn't of cleared in this way I would of had to disassemble the whole front end of my truck to get to it. I also had to cut my fan shroud to get tools up to the fasteners. The point of the design? Rebuildable, that's great, but taking half the front end apart to get to it? The damper can also be installed in steps (pulley on hub, then on crank, then damper installed on hub torque all fasteners to spec). There is very little room to line up the pulley, hub, and damper as the pulley bolts go through the damper body, hub and thread into the pulley. You then have to line up the dot on the damper with the dot on the hub. Finally you have to make sure that all parts are seated properly which is hard to do from below the engine block as well as from above. If they are not assembled correctly the damper will be miss aligned. This is only with my application!!, my truck has no special design features that would make it different other than factory manipulations from year to year, it is a daily driver, if I had know it was gonna be that bad I wouldn't of bought it. I have no experience with other ATI dampers. The instructions are also very broad, there are no application specific instructions/tips. My damper was rubbing on my block and it is removed, I put my OEM damper back rubbing.

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